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Google Ads: Custom Web Advertisements Made Simple and Effective

by Erika Yadron, Intern, Northern AZ Social, LLC

The worldwide search engine performs 2.3 million detailed searches for its users every second.

Yielding pages of results upon hitting “enter,” there is almost always a perfectly placed ad or two at the top of the list. These ads are made possible by the paid auctioning process of Google AdWords where advertisers engage in a pay-per-click bid to have their business ad in the eyes of potential customers. Profitable and results-driven, Google AdWords is a fantastic pay-per-click platform to invest in for your digital marketing initiative.

Running an Ad

Google AdWords offers a dual-approach system in which advertisers can choose to have ads run on the Google Search Network (typical search results page), or the Google Display Network.

In the Display Network, long banner ads appear on websites of your target audience, exposing your business to those who might not have known about it before. It starts with creating an eye-catching picture, video or graphic for your business with content ready for publishing. Then, keywords like “women’s fashion, shoes, women’s dresses” are assigned, and they indicate where your ad appears on websites similar to your business offerings. Lastly, a bidding strategy is selected; you set your individual cost and budget, as well as extensions for users to be directed to when they are interested about learning more.

Why Google AdWords?

While it might seem daunting running an ad for all Google web users to see, the AdWords website and smart technology make it easy to navigate with instructional videos and step-by-step expertise.

Google is one of the top running search engines in the world, and visible ads are clean, user friendly and cost effective for its advertisers. With Google AdWords’ unique ad placement, tailored campaign results include growing online sales, increasing store visits, increasing customer calls, and more.

Partnering with Google is a notable tool to get the results that matter to you, while adding valuable customers to your growing network.

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