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Marketing Trends in 2022

By Clare Lei

With 2022 upon us, the marketing world is seeing a substantial change in ideas about what marketing really is. We will continue to see the Digital Customer Experience and Visual Content Strategy trend shape and evolve throughout this year and the future. But what does that mean for new businesses or existing businesses trying to make it in this post-pandemic world?

Digital Customer Experience (CX)
The average customer in today’s world no longer bases their loyalty on price or product but instead are loyal to companies based on the experience they receive. Providing above and beyond customer experiences will keep customers coming back for more. Businesses must start focusing on high-quality interactions to provide a valuable opportunity for a competitive advantage.

Consumers are now expecting a seamless experience from the first spark of interest to customer service even after the sale. Quality across all channels is more likely to earn their business. With the continual growth of online content, it has given consumers more control. Shoppers are not a passive group when it comes to learning about products or services. They are not waiting for businesses to tell them how great they are. Now shoppers can do their own research. So, building the kind of relationships with customers that drive loyalty is worth every penny you spend.

Visual Content
Research indicates that consumers prefer visual content to plain text. The proof? Growth in image-focused platforms like Instagram and Pinterest confirm the data. Visual Content is much simpler to recall than written content. Adding statistical visualizations, infographics, images, and videos to your text not only make it more interesting and appealing, but it can support your message even further.

Businesses can also adopt a video marketing strategy, as 97% of marketers claim videos help their customers understand products. Video Marketing Strategy is reshaping the digital customer experience since it helps brands with the transitions from the initial phases of marketing all the way to making the sale.

Creating videos for marketing, ensure there are psychological triggers geared toward your target audience. Triggers are a way to create a lasting impact on your customers through storytelling. Generating emotion through a psychological trigger can help a company to improve their digital customer experience.

Use social media to monitor analytics in order to know your target audience. This can help a business to focus on different types of videos (how-to, instructional, length, live, etc.) and how they perform across channels.



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