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What is the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?


Marketing is a way to identify what your customers need, define your product, and promote it so consumers are aware of your company and its products or services.

Advertising is the process of using paid media to tell consumers about a product, what it does, and how it can help them. Advertising is ultimately just a component of marketing.


Here are some general points:

  • Marketing and advertising share the same goal, but marketing has a larger scope in the process.


  • Marketing creates the brand to attract its target audience. This can be done through owned, earned, or paid media channels.


  • Advertising has a much narrower goal, which is to get the word out about a specific product or service. Money may be spent on traditional and/or digital medias like social media, search engines, TV, print, radio, billboards, and more.


  • Marketing is the umbrella term for brand positioning and awareness, while advertising is just one of the tactics that is used to get that done. Most successful marketing strategies use advertising at different levels of a campaign, in various types of media.


  • While marketing can be paid, owned, or earned media, advertising is the component of marketing that focuses solely on the paid media aspect.


Though marketing and advertising are still constantly evolving, one is not necessarily more valuable than the other. It is likely that the strategies that companies use to advertise and market their products will continue to change in an ever-evolving, digitally focused world, but if one thing is for certain: advertising is a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. If businesses hope to see success in the years to come, they will have to develop holistic marketing strategies that reflect that.





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