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By Donna Werking, Northern AZ Social, LLC


It can be a challenge to keep your social media content fresh and interesting for your followers.

Here’s six tips on some good practices that will keep your social media channels in good standing.  

Always Think Brand

Are your social media posts in line with your brand? Be sure to use the right font, logo and color scheme for your social media channels. Staying on brand ensures you always look professional.


Review Your Hashtags

Do you use unique and generic hashtags that both existing and future clients will search and follow? Do you include local hashtags to broaden your reach? Explore available tools to help you get it right. It can help you gain you more followers!


Plan Frequent and Engaging Content

Plan your social media calendar weekly to stay up to date and active. Create a content schedule where you can write down ideas and keep your content interesting.


Don’t Saturate Your Graphics with Text

If you’re looking to improve the brand look of your social media channels, make sure your graphics doesn’t include too much text! You will also find that your advertising campaign performs better when it is mostly image-based. Keep it simple!


Tag Your Business Friends

When you are working with other businesses, remember to tag them across your social media platforms – you are improving your reach and theirs.


People Follow People

People are most engaged with businesses that show their personal side. That could be your customers, team or perhaps you have a furry friend that hangs out at the shop. It reassures your customers that you have a human side. Remember, your website is about the facts, your social media is about your culture.

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