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Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy With These 8 Simple Guidelines!

June 10, 2016 Donna Werking, Founder Northern AZ Social, LLC

Fine tuning your email marketing strategy isn’t the easiest task. As a marketer, it’s our job to create amazing content and come up with a precise strategy to each and every email campaign that reaches your consumer. By applying these guidelines, you’ll see improvements to your open-rate and click-thru-rate (CTR). Let’s get right into it!


Over-Saturation is a problem! Now that everyone has gone digital, more marketers are utilizing email marketing as a tool for CRM, sales and promotions. It’s your direct connection to your consumer! You worked so hard to build your customer email database, so it’s incredibly important that you DO NOT lose them from opt-outs.


So how do you keep your consumer’s attention and loyal readership? Abide by the once per month rule. The fact is, on average adults receive 150 emails per day! We filter through emails that we consider spam or garbage pretty quickly, and your company certainly doesn’t want to be on that list. This primary rule is to uphold the respect for your consumer. You respect the fact that their time is valuable, so you won’t waste anyone’s time by sending multiple emails that quite honestly are an annoyance. With this practice, you’ll be happy to see your email retention remains high. We have compiled a solid MUST PRACTICE email marketing plan that is received well by consumers.


1. Show Stopper Headlines. We refer to some as “train wreck” headlines. The underlying question, how will your company stand out amongst all the other emails? What subject line will catch the interest of your consumer?

2. Content is key. Now that you have your consumer’s attention, you need to live up to that headline and provide “mustread” content. Strategy is key. Remember, some consumers like steak and others want seafood. It’s important to know who your consumers are, and to have a good idea about what intrigues them.

3. Sales Offer or Promotions. A promotional offer for the month will spark interest to most. A monthly promotion isn’t a bad idea. Perhaps the consumer didn’t need your product or service last month, but it could draw the consumer’s interest in the current month.

4. Video is the best media. If you desire to really capture your reader’s attention, add video to your newsletter. Video is the closest way to connect to humans on an emotional level. We are visual creatures. Be sure your video is quality, stimulating and not too lengthy (under 2 minutes).

5. News about your company. People generally like to be in the know. It’s nice to include a brief blurb about your company. Are you a supporter in the community? Perhaps there is an annual event approaching? This is not an opportunity to brag about how great you r company is, so humility is the best approach. The reader is most interested in how you are serving them.

6. Optimize your Linkage. Think of your newsletter as a prime marketing tool for information. The user should have the capability of redirecting to your website, blog, social channels and more! The more information channels the reader can access, the more time they will spend reading your content!

7. Resend your Email. Your email marketing program should provide you with Analytics. This valuable information tells the marketer which consumers have opted-out, clicked though links, who opened the email and who did not open the email. To improve your open-rate, here’s the best and simplest trick. Resend your email after 48 hours from the first send to only those who did not open the email the first time. This will increase your open-rate percentage – guaranteed!

8. Timing and Industry Standards. As a marketer, you should have reasonable expectations for performance. Know the open-rate percentage for your specific industry. This will give you a platform to set realistic goals. Also, know when your readers are opening emails. As a general rule of thumb, mid-week are the best days. Average open rate is 18% – 23%.


Email marketing is a direct doorway to your consumer. With Northern AZ Social, LLC, we take Email Marketing to the next level. Find out more about our digital marketing services at

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